Refer a Friend and Earn Extra Money

Our Referral Program: Embrace a World of Opportunities!

Recruit new employees and reap rewards. Welcome to the enriching journey of I.K. Hofmann’s Refer a Friend Program! Here, not only do you have the opportunity to assist friends and former colleagues in finding meaningful jobs, but you also get the chance to earn extra money. By joining our employee referral program, you empower your network, transforming connections into successful careers in various industries. For every successful employee referral, you and your referral earn $50 each! Our program is designed to make the referral process smooth and rewarding, ensuring that you're part of our mission to connect talent with opportunity. Are you connected with top talent individuals seeking new jobs within top-tier companies? Join our refined employee referral program and take a step towards creating lucrative opportunities for your friends, all while contributing to the growth and dynamism of our workforce.


How does it work?

Referral terms

Our employee referral program terms: simple and easy. 

  • The employee referral must be a candidate that hasn’t been contacted or employed by I.K. Hofmann USA in the preceding 12 months.
  • The rewarding $50 is credited to both parties once the referral completes 80 hours of work on the job. This incentive is our way of acknowledging the crucial role you play in expanding our talented team. 
  • There is no requirement to be an existing employee to make or receive payments for referrals.
  • Employee referrals need to be hired within 6 months from the initial referral date.
Friends Refer Friends: Win Together

Why refer them to jobs with us?

Because we recruit for jobs worth keeping. With over 35 years of presence in the staffing industry, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering World Class Candidate and Customer Experiences. Our devotion to excellence is shown by our 2021 Net Promoter Score of over 85, classifying our service level as World Class—quadrupling the staffing industry average. Your referrals contribute to this legacy of excellence, bringing new energy and perspectives to our diverse workforce. Our enthusiastic and engaged workforce are the pioneers of top-notch service every day, embodying our vision and dedication to serving both employers and job seekers efficiently.


It's that simple

Your Referral, Our Thanks

Send referrals for jobs not just for us, but for yourself and for your friends. Participating in our Employee Referral Program is an exemplary way to contribute to our hiring endeavors, ensuring we onboard individuals for jobs who are qualified and aligned with our organizational values. Your active participation strengthens our team with skilled professionals who share our commitment to excellence during the process of recruitment and hiring.

Whether you are a recruiter, a current employee, or someone who knows potential candidates looking for new job opportunities by word-of-mouth, your referrals can aid in optimizing our recruitment strategy and reducing our time to hire, all while bringing top talent into our extensive network.


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Cutting-Edge Recruiting

Excellence in Staffing

Recruiting and hiring excellence made possible through you! I.K. Hofmann stands for excellence in the staffing industry, linking aspiring applicants with their dream positions, creating success one hire at a time. Your referrals are integral to our success, adding valuable members to our professional family. Our seamless referral process, coupled with our employee referral bonus, not only enriches our candidate pool but also create an environment of collaboration and mutual growth. By choosing to refer a friend, you are not just recommending a job, you are creating a pathway for others to become part of a family that values each member’s contribution. Together, we can create a lasting culture of support and achievement. So, dive into the rewarding journey of referring, and let’s build a more connected, collaborative, and successful working world together by connecting people with jobs!

We love connecting people with Jobs

Our Vision & Mission

At I.K. Hofmann it is critical that we live the words of our vision and mission every day: Our vision is to be the preferred staffing partner, driven by excellence, innovative solutions and cultivating a family-oriented culture while proactively helping our employees and customers thrive. We achieve this vision by embracing diversity, driving innovation forward, and building strong relationships with our clients and candidates. Mission: We are passionate about providing unbeatable workforce solutions through innovation, quality, and a people-first culture, connecting individuals with jobs that enrich the lives of our employees, clients and the diverse communities we serve. 

Our mission is brought to life through each employee referral, each placement, and every successful candidate journey. I.K. Hofmann employs people of all races from 119 nations who work together successfully. It works because we respect one another, we seek and encourage different opinions, we find common solutions and we understand that our diversity makes us a stronger team. Your referrals add to this rich tapestry, enhancing our collective strength and capabilities. Only together can we – as a company or a team – respond swiftly to the ever changing future of work.

Unlocking Potential: The Hofmann Way

Why work with us?

We don't just value your dedication – we reward it. Our referral program is a testament to our appreciation of your efforts in helping us grow. Whether you're seeking a job or filling a position, you'll enjoy a robust benefits package designed for both professional and personal growth. We recognize the power of employee referrals in building a strong and dynamic team. Our program ensures candidates receive competitive pay and comprehensive care from our HR team. Beyond monetary compensation, we offer flexible shifts with added pay benefits. Our diverse array of positions is enriched by the candidates you refer, each bringing their unique skill set and experiences.


Our commitment to well-being is reflected by our healthcare benefits, covering health, dental, and vision, with optional life insurance for added peace of mind. As you refer more candidates for different positions, you contribute to the overall growth and well-being of our team. Your professional growth excites us. We support an environment that encourages continuous learning and development. Through your employee referrals, we welcome new talent eager to grow and develop alongside our existing team members. Our training opportunities bolster your career path, and our 401(k) plan ensures a secure future. Every referral you make is a step towards enhancing the professional journeys of both the new hire and our existing team. At I.K. Hofmann, your success drives us. Your active engagement in our referral program propels us forward, creating a vibrant and successful workplace for all. We're dedicated to supporting your career aspirations, offering different paths and ensuring a seamless hiring experience. Whether you're referring a candidate or seeking a new role, we're here to champion every step of your professional journey.

Together is Better

Benefits of Our Employee Referral Program

Employee Engagement: Witness enhanced engagement as our current employees become integral parts of our recruitment process. Your referrals bring in individuals who are already aligned with our company culture, enhancing employee engagement.

Employee Retention: Strengthened bonds and a more cohesive work environment lead to increased employee retention. Referrals often lead to longer-lasting employment relationships, as referred employees tend to have a better understanding of the company culture and expectations.

Effective Referral: Our advanced employee referral system ensures streamlined and efficient processes, maximizing the potential for successful hires. This effective referral system leads to quicker hires and reduces the cost-per-hire, benefiting both the company and its employees. Help us in the hiring process by creating a better environment for all of us today! We want to recruit the best, so who better to help us than you?

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