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Welcome to Hofmann USA in Atlanta, GA. As we spread our wings in the bustling city, we're more than just a staffing agency. Rooted deeply in our goal of providing quality, our Atlanta Aviation Branch is at the forefront, supporting numerous businesses and employees alike. Our industry-leading expertise in staffing, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the Atlanta area, allows us to navigate the complexities of Georgia's job market with ease. Our expertise isn't limited to the heart of Atlanta; it spans across surrounding regions like Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Peachtree, College Park, Hapeville and Decatur. And with our trusted presence, we've significantly influenced the hiring decisions of many of the area’s leading Aviation, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Warehousing companies. As an industry-leading staffing agency in Atlanta we prioritize building lasting relationships with our customers, ensuring continued success in all hiring endeavors. Not convinced yet? See what our candidates and customers have to say about us here. Find out about different services we offer here, such as Temporary Staffing and Onsite Management, as well as the industries we staff for, including Aviation and Industrial!

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Staffing excellence is right at your doorstep. Our Atlanta location stands tall as a premier staffing partner. With badging rights for 8 major airports around the country, our recruitment spectrum is broad. Specializing in roles like air cargo, import/export, ramp and gate agents, airport lounge staff, and more, we ensure that every client's unique needs are met with precision. As one of the top staffing agencies in Atlanta, GA, we pride ourselves on our robust recruitment network that spans diverse sectors. Whether it's temp agencies you're considering or looking for direct-hire professionals, I.K. Hofmann provides a wide array of staffing services tailored to your needs.

With over 15 years of industry-leading experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted staffing agency specializing in various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, production, warehouse, aviation, automotive, logistics, HR, administrative, finance, and accounting. Our staffing agency specializes in a range of sectors from administrative and office roles to industrial and manufacturing operations. We're staffing Atlanta and want you to be a part of our passion!

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We hire the best, for the best. We strive to be the best temp agency in Atlanta, so we have to provide the best workforce to employers. In the complex dance of recruiting, it's easy to miss a step. That’s where our Atlanta-based agency ensures rhythm and synchronization in the staffing process. We have evolved to one of Georgia's trusted employment partners. Our highly experienced talent acquisition coordinators harness the power of AI-powered cutting-edge technology, including a programmatic job advertising platform with AI-enabled algorithms, to connect with the right candidates at the right time. This platform makes over 7,000 automated decisions per minute, analyzing 100 trillion data points to ensure that our job listings reach potential candidates effectively, giving us the an edge in recruiting.

We're not just any staffing company, we're an Atlanta-based team dedicated to driving your business forward through strategic hiring solutions. With our tech and experience, we have some of the best recruiters in GA, quite possibly some of the best in staffing nationwide. We apply talent and tech to optimize our temp agency and hire the best job seekers. This allows you to limit your search from a variety of candidates to fill different jobs to one employment agency that can fulfill your job needs. As an agency delivering staffing services, our commitment goes beyond just recruiting to hire. It’s about understanding the DNA of your company and finding candidates that resonate with it. By doing so, we not only cut down onboarding times, we pave the way for a productive workplace with pre-screened employees excited to take on their next challenge. Whether it's entry level or experienced personnel you're looking for, temporary or permanent (or possibly temp-to-perm), we've got you covered with the right hire for the right job!

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We present our clients with the best in recruiting. Our promise is simple: Your success as our client is our top priority. We're not just another staffing firm in Atlanta; we're your strategic partner, aiming to exceed expectations at every juncture. Every candidate we present undergoes thorough background checks, guaranteeing that your trust in our services is never misplaced. As one of the leading employment agencies in Georgia, our promise is not just to fill vacancies but to find the perfect match for every role.

At I.K. Hofmann, we celebrate the blend of talent and opportunity. We invite you to experience this synergy, ensuring that whether you're an employer or a job seeker, your staffing aspirations are always met with unmatched dedication.


Your Journey, Our Blueprint

We're the ideal staffing agency for you as an employer in GA. Atlanta's competitive labor market is ever-evolving. As your steadfast partner, we don't just navigate these waters; we help chart the course for your business's future. Equipped with advanced recruitment tools, we're adept at streamlining the hiring process for our clients. With us, you're not merely hiring employees; you're building a team that aligns with your vision. Our mission is twofold: to empower job seekers with the right opportunities and provide businesses with impeccable staffing talent. Our dedicated recruiters, understanding both sides of this coin, ensure mutual growth and success. With us, every employment opportunity is a stepping stone to achieving long-term career goals.


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