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The Cargo Agent Job Landscape

Looking for a job in shipping or freight management? We are seeking dedicated freight agents for full-time and part-time roles in air freight transportation. Join the supply chain team today and enjoy attractive pay, and advance as a pivotal warehouse cargo agent. In the fast-paced world of logistics, cargo/ freight agents stand as unsung heroes, ensuring the smooth transit of goods across regions and continents. As a leading freight broker, we facilitate crucial connections between shippers and transportation services, enhancing the efficacy of the air cargo industry. Their role is indispensable to the efficient functioning of supply chains worldwide. If you’re keen on diving into this dynamic profession, you've landed on the right page. We are bridging the gap between potential candidates and esteemed employers in the logistics, air freight, and shipping sector. We are committed to linking qualified freight agents with top-tier freight companies, ensuring a smooth shipping process. We list a multitude of job openings, hiring both seasoned professionals and newcomers who want to explore and secure lucrative positions. In addition to job listings, we provide resources, from industry news to skill enhancement workshops. For those aspiring to become freight agents, our platform offers comprehensive jobs with insights and support. We're not just a job site; we're your career companion. Through our job alerts, candidates stay informed about the latest opportunities in the airfreight forwarders domain and air freight agent roles. Here’s a comprehensive insight into the promising world of cargo warehouse agent jobs. Interested in other positions? We offer jobs in many industries across multiple areas. Check out jobs such as our opportunites as a Warehouse Associate, Forklift Driver, Picker/Packer, Import/Export Agent, Quality Inspector, Machine Operator, positions in logistics, and more!

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What do I.K. Hofmann & Cargo Warehouse Agents have in common?

We roll up our sleeves and are incredibly flexible. To find  your next job opportunity we'll take action immediately and look everywhere. Really everywhere. After all, we want you to like your new job.

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What does a Cargo Agent do?

The job of an agent specializing in air freight or another area of logistics is diverse and varied. Freight Agents are working on the grounds assisting with loading and unloading Airplanes or Trucks. They are performing duties within the warehouse based upon the needs of the airlines they are assigned to.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: breaking down freight from pallets to be re-positioned for shipping to their final destination using pallet jacks and forklifts, tying-down freight onto pallets, loading and unloading cargo on an aircraft or a truck from an incoming shipment, performing duties on the runway or operating motorized towing tractors to transport goods to ensure delivery. Our Cargo Agent jobs also involve collaborating closely with freight forwarders to ensure time-sensitive deliveries are handled efficiently. Effective Communication with all teammates and other runway and carrier personnel is key to be successful in this position. Cargo Agents at our firm also receive training on the latest in freight forwarding technology, preparing them for work in high-tech, modern shipping environments. The logistics industry is ever-evolving, making room for continuous learning and professional advancement. As a cargo agent, you'll not only gain expertise in handling shipments but also acquire skills in inventory management, documentation, and customer service. These jobs, including Air Cargo Agent positions, are crucial in maintaining the efficacy of our global supply chain operations. Each day as a cargo warehouse agent brings forth unique challenges, ensuring that your job remains engaging and far from monotonous. From managing fragile goods to tackling time-sensitive shipments, diversity is truly the name of the game. With the global trade landscape expanding rapidly, the demand for skilled cargo warehouse agents is on a consistent rise. Your role will directly impact businesses, economies, and, ultimately, consumers.

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Our Cargo Agent Referral Program

Refer freight agents or other professionals you know and reap rewards! In our mission to assemble an elite team of Cargo Agents, we recognize the power of personal recommendations. We understand that within our community of dedicated agents, there lies a network of equally talented individuals. That’s where you come in: Think of a friend, family member, or colleague who has the potential to shine as a Cargo Agent. Not only do we seek regular Freight Agents, but our program also extends to specialized Cargo Agents with experience in Air logistics and Airfreight Forwarders, broadening the scope of opportunities.


Someone who is as committed and talented as you are. Use THIS LINK to refer them to our team. If they're a fit and complete their first 80 hours on the job, you both enjoy a $50 bonus as a thank-you for strengthening our team. This referral program is a testament to our commitment to building a skilled workforce in the logistics industry. Remember, there's no cap to how many individuals you can refer. Your referrals help us connect with top talent in the air cargo agent jobs, enhancing our team's capabilities. So, the more skilled agents you introduce to our community, the more you earn! Help friends and colleagues discover rewarding opportunities in the cargo sector. It's a win-win situation. By referring skilled professionals for a job with us and, as a freight broker or another position, you help us in the hiring process and contribute directly to our vision of a diverse and highly skilled team.

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Trends and Opportunities

The digitization wave is also sweeping the cargo industry. Modern warehouses are increasingly integrating advanced technologies like RFID tracking, automation, and AI-driven analytics. Our Air Freight Forwarding services are at the forefront of adopting these advanced systems, ensuring efficiency in cargo handling and tracking by our freight agents with the hep of these systems. Being tech-savvy will be a definitive plus for aspirants, positioning them favorably in the job market. As part of our team, cargo agents receive hands-on experience in the latest logistics technology, preparing them for roles in sophisticated air freight environments. 


Furthermore, sustainability is becoming a focal point not only for us but also our customers. Green warehousing practices, such as optimizing energy usage and reducing waste, are being highly prioritized. In our operations, including air cargo and freight forwarding, we emphasize eco-friendly practices, aligning with global sustainability goals. Awareness and engagement in such practices will provide a competitive edge to job seekers. A career as a warehouse cargo agent is both rewarding and challenging, placing you at the heart of global trade and commerce. Our Freight Agent Jobs and Air Freight Forwarding positions offer unparalleled opportunities to be involved in critical logistics operations. As e-commerce platforms expand and international trade agreements evolve, the logistics sector is set for unprecedented growth. Joining our team means being part of an exciting, ever-evolving field with significant potential for career advancement. There's never been a better time to step into the world of cargo warehousing.

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Is Airfreight Cargo worth it?

When you work for Hofmann USA, it definitely is. At the heart of our operations, Cargo Warehouse Agents play an indispensable role. Recognizing this, we not only value your dedication but also ensure it's aptly rewarded. Joining our team is more than just a job in shipping; it's an invitation to enjoy an enriched professional and personal life. Here’s how we support our treasured associates: We understand the demands of your role. That's why we offer a pay structure that truly reflects the value you bring. Beyond your base pay, our shift differentials ensure those with flexible schedules receive added rewards for their adaptability. Your well-being is important to us.


Benefit from our inclusive healthcare packages which encompass health, dental, and vision insurance. We're invested in ensuring you and your loved ones are covered. Our commitment extends to providing all our cargo agents, including those in airfreight forwarding, with the support they need for a balanced and rewarding career. For those looking to enhance their protection, we also offer optional life insurance. As a leading staffing agency in freight brokerage, we recognize the importance of supporting our team through comprehensive insurance and benefits. We’re committed to your long-term well-being. Our robust 401(k) retirement plans are designed to help you build a solid financial foundation, ensuring you can look forward to a comfortable future. Moreover our dedication to your growth isn’t just talk. We offer structured training and development programs, empowering you to master new skills, embrace advancements, and move up the career ladder. We believe in unlocking your potential and paving the way for future advancements. Becoming a Cargo Agent with us is about embracing a career filled with purpose, growth, and numerous advantages. Our commitment to your success is unwavering, and we stand beside you, ensuring each day is rewarding and fulfilling.