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Want to make it your job to help others find jobs? At I.K. Hofmann, we aren't just a company looking for motivated employees for our clients; we also offer excellent internal jobs in the realm of human resources and beyond. Our company specializes in providing HR solutions that offer mutual benefits for both the applicant and the employer. We are always on the lookout suitable employees for careers in Human Resources management. We believe in excellence, quality, and innovation, so while always striving to deliver the very best we can to our clients, we also use cutting edge technology to make it easier for our esteemed internal employees to do so. With the help of our advanced instruments, training opportunities, and competitive salary as well as great benefits, we give the best we can offer. This is reflected in our stats, showing a much higher employee retention rate than most other companies nationwide. We'll be happy to tell you ourself should you be interested in a position. Are you seeking a job where you can excel in human resources, develop your talents, and be part of a team committed to excellence? Do you consider yourself a people person looking for work in which the social aspect can be a key part of the job? As an ISO 9001 certified company and a leading staffing agency in the HR industry, I.K. Hofmann has built a reputation for delivering the highest levels of service and quality in customer service and talent acquisition. Our employment model remains true to our founder's vision of being a staffing firm that genuinely cares about its employees. Is this the job experience and career opportunity you've been eagerly exploring? Apply now by filling out the applicant form below and uploading your resume to our employment portal. Our HR professionals will contact you from our company location as soon as possible. Whether it's an onsite management jobs or a position in industrial staffing you're looking for, we may have the career for you. We want the best for our company, so we offer generous benefits to match our lucrative jobs in human resources at our agency. 

Bring a Friend, Bag a Bonus

Share, Refer & Earn Together

Help others find a job and share the rewards together! In our mission to assemble an elite team for staffing solutions, we recognize the power of personal recommendations. Within our community of dedicated employees, there lies a network of equally talented individuals. That’s where you come in: Think of a friend, family member, or colleague who has the potential to shine in staffing or human resources. Someone who can make a significant impact as an employee. Use THIS LINK to refer them to our company. If they're a fit candidate for employment and complete their first 80 hours, you both enjoy a $50 bonus as a thank-you for strengthening our staffing team. By referring skilled professionals, you contribute directly to our vision of a diverse and highly skilled employment pool. It's a win-win situation!

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  • World-Class NPS Score with Our Employees
  • Ongoing Leadership Training and Professional Development in Human Resources
  • Opportunities for Career Growth and Progression within the Company
  • Competitive PTO Plan
  • Attractive Employee Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, and more)
  • Industry-Specific Certification Opportunities
  • Pay-for-Performance Compensation Structure
  • Agile Work Culture that Embodies Team Building, Community Involvement, and Servant Leadership
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We're an employer worth joining, short term or long term. Are you looking to gain hands-on job experience in recruiting, customer service, HR management, or marketing with an international company? I.K. Hofmann offers the real-world job prospects you're looking for. We hire fresh, ambitious minds to work on high-quality projects in human resources.

You'll gain valuable experience while delivering work that offers lasting benefits. We provide our interns with meaningful HR assignments, with the possibility of full-time employment and benefits post-graduation. Ready to apply and launch your career in human resources? Fill out the applicant form above, and one of our HR employees will follow up shortly from our company location. We strive to provide our interns a meaningful experience with the possibility of a full-time career post-graduation. You’ll work with a Team with a positive, success-driven attitude who you will learn from and forge strong relationships with. Ready to launch your career? Fill out the Application Form above and one of our Team members will follow up shortly.