A vision for more than 35 years

At I.K. Hofmann USA it is critical that we live the words of our mission everyday which states:

”We are passionate about uniting and serving a diverse group of people by enabling personal and professional growth, positively impacting the culture of our clients and our communities to succeed in the future of work. We believe that the purpose of providing jobs that feed our employees and their families has a lasting impact on society and changes the lives of the people we meet and connect every day for the better.“

We say YES to togetherness and to the diversity of life.

I.K. Hofmann employs people of all races from 119 nations who work together successfully. It works because we respect one another, we seek and encourage different opinions, we find common solutions and we understand that our diversity make us a stronger team. Only together can we – as a company or a team – respond swiftly to the ever changing future of work.


Spot on

Diversity wins. ­Always.

We are committed to diversity. Find out more about it in this spot. Half a minute against simplemindedness.


Ingrid Hofmann, Managing Director of the I.K. Hofmann Group

”With 'Diversity wins' we are sending a clear signal against racism and discrimination!