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We're your go-to for staffing services. Welcome to I.K. Hofmann in New York. We stand not just a staffing agency, but also as a dependable partner in the New York job market. It's worth noting that our foundation is built on diverse strengths. We're proud to be a women-owned business, driving change and promoting equal opportunity in every sector we touch. With our commitment to quality, our New York office aids in connecting businesses with skilled candidates. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, we handle recruiting in New York and surrounding areas, such as temporary staffing, direct hire, temp to perm and onsite management, making us a top choice for your staffing needs. Our influence as an employment agency is significant, yet it's a part of our broader network which includes regions like New Jersey. Our collaboration with leading aviation companies at JFK speaks volumes of our commitment. Over time, we've strengthened our ties by partnering with numerous companies both within and outside New York City. Outside of our Aviation expertise, we also serve other industries that may make us suitable for you. 

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Efficient and Tech-Driven

If you need to hire qualified staff, you're in good hands. In New York, our office stands out for its unique approach to staffing. Are looking for a temp agency in New York? We deliver temp workers and much more. From temporary roles to direct placements, including temp-to-perm workforce solutions, our staffing services have a broad scope. Our drive to recruit the best as a staffing agency is unmatched. We dig deep, sourcing talent that isn’t just skilled but aligns with your organizational goals. We customize our approach for every business, ensuring you get exactly what you need. Our experienced talent acquisition coordinators play a pivotal role.

Using a job advertising platform with AI algorithms, we make sure our job listings reach the right job seekers at the right time. This tool, with its capacity to make 7000 automated decisions based on a over 100 trillion points of data, ensures we tap into a wide candidate base with cutting edge recruiting. Mixing our know-how, skill, and modern technology, we offer flexible staffing solutions that work. In New York, we provide businesses with the services they need from staffing agency, ensuring every hire, be it temporary or direct, is a good match. If you're looking for a top tier staffing agency in New York, you've found it!

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Purpose-Driven Placement

We only do staffing with purpose, whether it's for temp or perm roles. When you partner with our staffing agency, you're not just getting recruiters; you're collaborating with experts dedicated to elevating your hiring and staffing needs. Finding the right job or candidate in New York can be challenging. Our office makes it easy for employers and job seekers. As a renowned employment agency, we believe in holistic solutions. It's not just about filling a vacancy, but ensuring that each role is filled with vision and purpose. We're known as a reliable employment agency in the area. Our recruiters use AI-technology efficiently, ensuring our job listings appeal to potential fits for your needs.

We take time to understand a company's values and needs, making sure we find career opportunists that align with their goals, for both short-term and long-term positions whether they be high quality temporary hires or direct hires to boost your team in the long run. Sometimes, immediate needs arise, and that's where our temp services shine. We swiftly match businesses with short-term talent to keep operations smooth. While our New York office focuses on aviation, we also handle other sectors like manufacturing, HR, and more. At our New York location, we have a wide variety of staff specializing in different roles related to aviation are the service industry, especially concerning the operation of airport lounges. We're flexible, adjusting to various hiring needs even outside our main focus.

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Look no further for your ideal staffing agency. New York is just one of the many places we operate in. The job scene here is ever-changing. We're here to help shape your business's future. With our tools and approach, we ensure hiring is smooth and tailored. We focus on providing job seekers with the right opportunities and businesses with top talent. This balanced approach ensures growth, with employers and candidates finding what they need in New York's dynamic job market.

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At I.K. Hofmann, we have a clear promise: We prioritize our clients. In New York, we go beyond just staffing; we work side by side with you, ensuring you meet reliable and skilled candidates every time. In New York's staffing scene, our aim is to match talent with opportunity. We're dedicated to making sure employers and job seekers meet their goals with our expertise and quality-focused approach. Not convinced yet? See what our candidates and customers have to say about us here.


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