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Do you know someone that is ready to advance their career as a Warehouse Associate through I.K. Hofmann USA? Then send them our way and when they complete their first 80 hours, you will receive $50, and they will receive $50. Each new referral is eligible, and we do not cap the number of referrals you can make. You can send them a text link or you can sign up to be an ambassador to create a profile with your referral information. Click THIS LINK to make a referral. 

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What does a Warehouse Associate do?

A General Warehouse Associate is responsible for fulfilling the logistics behind receiving, processing and storing inventory according to purchase orders and store policy.
They ensure that shipping schedules are met with attention to detail to ensure timely delivery and loss prevention. Responsibilities include: Processing packages and shipping orders accurately, maintaining inventory and organizing stocks, inspecting products for defects and damages, assisting with the assembly of racking, carts and tables and loading incoming materials or inventory items into the Warehouse.