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Our Services to you

Administrative support is a key piece to your business and its operations. Your time is valuable. We can help you optimize it by partnering with you to bring top tier talent to your team. Our team of recruiters specializes in vetting candidates to ensure that not only do they possess the skills that you require, but that they fit with the culture in your workplace, Costing you less time and reducing turnover.

By partnering with IK Hoffmann, we provide you staffing solutions for areas such as benefits administration, Labor law compliance, organizational development, payroll and compensation, hiring processes and training development.

Small Start up or big Organization?

We staff for all kinds of companies

We are here to support short term spikes in workload, for long term coverage and for sustained growth. Our top-level and highly experienced talent acquisition coordinators partner with you to ensure they find candidates that meet your technical requirements but also that will be a great cultural match.

Once they understand your role, they can reach out to thousand of candidates utilizing our advanced technology. Additionally in times like this where labor is in such high demand with limited supply, they will use a programmatic job advertising platform with AI-enabled algorithms, to make sure our job listings end up in the right place to find the right candidate at the right time.The tool makes 7,000 automated decisions a minute based on 100 trillion data points to find the right candidates at the right time.  We combine our talent and our technology to provide flexible workforce staffing and management solutions to produce high-quality results that you can deserve. 

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