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Find the right job for you. Are you on a search for a job that offers competitive compensation and a chance to work with a world-class organization? Look no further than I.K. Hofmann USA, a women-owned family business specializing in offering jobs of all kind. Discover a range of job possibilities at JFK Airport. We are dedicated to providing our workforce with the best jobs and strive to create an environment where they can reach their full potential. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, our application process is streamlined for all candidates. We are committed to providing our employees with the best work experience possible. Explore various job roles in New York City's bustling aviation sector, with positions at JFK Airport and beyond. We offer a variety of full-time and part-time positions. Our New York location offers exciting paths in aviation, from entry-level to advanced positions. You can rest easy knowing there are almost always JFK airport jobs available with us in New York, with top-notch benefits to match.

We understand that finding the right job can be a daunting task and that is why we make it easy for you to apply. Submit your application today for a chance to work in dynamic NY environments. All you have to do is submit your resume and your search could be over, we will take care of the rest. Join our team and start a rewarding journey in New York's aviation industry. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we believe that everyone should be given a fair chance to succeed. Our hiring process is inclusive, seeking diverse talent for a variety of positions at JFK. We offer competitive pay and a wide range of opportunities for entry-level and experienced professionals. Hour shifts are available to accommodate your lifestyle in NY. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right job for you, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

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We are hiring for the long haul, so we want to give you the best. Our comprehensive employee benefits package includes healthcare, dental, vision, retention bonus, holiday pay and many more. Enjoy premium and a supportive work environment as part of our NY team. We also offer opportunities for professional development and growth within the company. As an employer, we're committed to employee advancement in the vibrant aviation sector of New York City.

We believe that happy employees are the key to success and strive to provide a positive and supportive work environment. Our high satisfaction rate reflects our dedication as a top employer in NY and is a testament to our commitment. We strive to understand their needs and goals, providing chances for growth and development within the company.

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Beyond Hot Job Openings

We have jobs in NY for those seeking flexibility. Opportunities are available for both full-time and part-time associates. Searching for flexible hours? Consider our part-time aviation jobs at JFK Airport. Whether you're starting at an entry-level job or seeking a professional role that requires experience, we believe in offering all our associates chances for development and progression in a dynamic, fast-paced environment. Experience the satisfaction of working with I.K. Hofmann, where your efforts are acknowledged and rewarded. We are offering more than just aviation jobs; we are building pathways that can elevate your career to the next level. Turn to us for JFK job opportunities. Our location offers a gateway to a world of opportunities in NY.

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End your job search and find the right position for you in NY, right here at JFK. Our longstanding relationship goes back to both companies’ German roots but has grown to five major airports here in the USA. At JFK, we offer positions ranging from Lounge Attendant to Aircraft Support staff, enhancing your career in New York's aviation scene. We are excited to offer excellent positions as lounge attendants as well as kitchen staff jobs, so if you have experience in the aviation industry, now is the time to reach out! Consider our world-class aviation roles at JFK Airport, a premier New York location.

We make it easy for you to apply with our Easy Apply feature and you can even upload a resume to make the process even simpler. Become part of a team that's shaping the future of aviation at New York's JFK Airport. We offer a range of benefits that make us stand out from the competition. From competitive compensation to a comprehensive benefit package, our NY team enjoys the best in the industry. We also offer multiple shifts, so you can find something that fits your lifestyle. Experience flexible working hours with our variety of shift options at JFK in NY. Start your new job now!

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Refer a Friend, Enjoy the Bonus

Refer friends to us as an equal opportunity employer. Expand your network in New York's aviation industry and benefit financially by referring friends to JFK roles with our Refer a Friend program. Ignite your passion, make a difference, and earn extra cash! Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic beginner, we provide a dynamic platform for growth and success. Referral opportunities at our New York location are a great way to boost your income while helping friends secure jobs.

Share the journey, enhance your professional network, and enjoy financial rewards - with us, your aspirations become reality. If you know someone that is ready to advance their career with us then send them our way and when they complete their first 80 hours on the job, you will receive $50 and they will receive $50. Refer a friend to our New York location for a rewarding experience in the aviation field. Tap into the potential of New York's aviation sector by referring skilled friends. Start today - success and extra income are just a referral away!

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