The Hofmann Staffing Approach

We developed our flexible workforce staffing and management solutions with a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Our goal is to help you and your company get the most out of your workforce.  We take pride in the attention we provide both sides of the equation; finding employment for those looking for a new career and providing employers with employees that benefit their organization and productivity.

Every client at I.K. Hofmann, is treated as a unique and significant relationship.  Actively listening to our clients, understanding their staffing needs, and exploring the culture within their organization allows us to provide an employee that is a high-quality fit. From our initial consultation, until an employee is placed, we work to maintain consistent communication throughout the process.

Our comprehensive candidate assessments allow us to evaluate candidates and their individual skill set beyond surface level data.  In addition, through our broad network of both global and local connections, we have the resources to reach beyond borders serving both local and international staffing requirements. Our workforce management system allows us to forecast solutions for our clients enabling them to maintain productivity and stabilize their workforce.

With over 35 years of experience in the staffing industry, a team of top-level recruiting agents, and a diverse and vibrant international culture, we offer workforce solutions that will benefit to your organization, increase productivity and save you time and money.


  • Quality - to provide, and be recognized as a leading supplier of quality, innovative and consultative recruitment and staffing solutions
  • Relationships – to demonstrate working practices and relationships that our competitors will wish to emulate
  • Optimal Solutions – to listen to our clients and candidates, and provide a solution commensurate with the requirement and overall objectives
  • Raising the Standard – to raise the profile, professionalism, working practices and standards of the recruitment process and industry
  • Promote Development – to offer training, resources, and opportunities that foster the development, welfare, and long-term prospects, for all associate staff
  • Uphold Promises – to uphold all obligations and promises made to clients for supply of services and staff
  • Honesty and Realism – to provide an honest and realistic approach to the continuous development of client requirements and workforce strategies

Put our strategic planning to work for you!

We will construct an effective Workforce Management plan designed to support your company requirements and goals. Not only will we find the perfect employee for the job, our management services will benefit your organization and boost productivity.