Diversity first!

Because we know what drives and motivates people

As an international provider for HR and staffing services, I.K. Hofmann USA pursues one goal: we promote the professional and private happiness of people finding them jobs in which they can succeed and do the things they are passionate about.

One world, one vision: Diversity and equal opportunities

Our focus on people is reflected in everything that we do. Whether it is related to our jobs, day-to-day life, or sports: we stand for diversity and equality and are passionate about the issues that concern the world and the people that are impacted. We were founded in 1985 and continue to be led by Ms. Ingrid Hofmann. Ms. Hofmann and her family have built a diverse women owned organization with the goal of impacting the local communities in which we operate.

We recognize we can only achieve great things together.

Based in Germany. I.K. Hofmann has established more than 100 International branch offices in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, UK, Italy, Slovakia, and the United States to promote change through our initiatives.

our worldwide initiatives

Sports and Diversity

Diversity wins

Since the beginning, supporting communities, sports and diversity is at the core of who we are as a company in Germany and that has carried on to I.K. Hofmann USA. It is reflected in our Mission Statement, and it lives in our daily actions.

We are passionate about uniting and serving a diverse group of people by enabling personal and professional growth, positively impacting the culture of our clients and our communities to succeed in the future of work. We believe that the purpose of providing jobs that feed our employees and their families has a lasting impact on society and changes the lives of the people we meet and connect every day for the better.


No fan without work

Diversity has always been a factor for Athletes, teams and sport clubs: Passion and individual ability mold teams and their athletes, regardless of where they come from, what culture or religion they belong to or what views they hold. They are supported by their passionate fans. With our international “No fan without work” initiative we are supporting those fans by providing them with jobs that help provide for their families and by supporting local athletics to bring communities together to build relationships and celebrate accomplishments.


Setting a good example: Become our Brand Ambassador

We want you to help us share our story and in return we will help you write yours:

I.K. Hofmann USA is proud to offer NIL sponsorships to several deserving student athletes. We want to hear why a NIL relationship will help you continue to follow your dreams and would like to understand what it has taken to get you to this point and any challenges you may have had to overcome. In addition, we would like to know how you will help us share our story. Ready to become an I.K. Hofmann USA Athlete? Visit www.iconsource.com to sign up and tell us your story!

For all those who also want to make a difference:

If you want to learn more about our work, philosophy and initiates or to become an I.K. Hofmann Brand Ambassador please contact us at: ikhusainfo@hofmannusa.com