Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
Author: Sara White

Attracting and retaining employees has become a competitive enterprise. With low levels of unemployment, the trend seems to support approximately a three-year retention period before an employee moves on.
In a Dialogue report published by Gensler regarding employee retention, the author, Vernon Mays indicates several areas that have proven to be critical components to consider implementing in order to attract and retain top level talent.

  1. Telegraphing your Mission
    “Creating distinct experiences that reflect your brand, your values, and your mission is essential,” says Gensler’s Amanda Carroll.  Employees want to feel a sense of purpose in their work.
  2. Choice Matters
    New graduates entering the workforce today have been given the freedom to accomplish their work through a variety of avenues and locations. “Students no longer have to go to the library to work. They don’t have to sit at the same desk. So when they enter the workforce, they wonder, ‘Why am I suddenly tethered to a desk?’” notes Gensler’s Janet Pogue McLaurin.
  3. Places for Social Interaction
    Although working remotely is an attraction for candidates, creating a central workspace that is inviting will help draw teams into a central location to collaborate and interact on a social level. Moving away from cubicles and closed doors and into an open and inviting space to share and build community is an essential piece to the workplace design.
  4. Vital Amenities
    Providing workspace amenities shows your employees you value their needs in the work they do for you. Game rooms, rooftop terraces, breakout rooms, comfortable workspaces, and well stocked break rooms all support a work environment built around employee value.
    If you can tie in your mission to your amenities as Reebok did for its employees, offering wellness classes and a Work Café to support its goal to be the “fittest workplace in the nation,” it becomes a valuable piece of building your brand.
  5. Springboard for Creativity
    Offering employees a space that is comfortable and inviting creates a creative culture designed to get the inventive juices flowing.  Even further, allowing employees to be involved in designing their own space shows appreciation for their creativity and support of those ideas.

If you want to win the high-stakes talent war, you will want to take these ideas into consideration. Building a team that is loyal, aligned, and creative is a key success metric for business.