Tips to land a job

Engage Your Interviewer and Land the Job
By: Sara White

How do you stand out from the pool of applicants interviewing for the job you want? In his article, “13 Interview Tips to Help you Land the Job that You Want,” author Joe Matar provides some solid advice on how to make an impression in an interview. He emphasizes the following 13 ideas:

  • Acknowledge Your Weaknesses
    Be honest. Acknowledge your weaknesses and offer what you are doing to strengthen those areas.
  • Smile
    Try to relax, and smile – it will show that you are a pleasant person to work with.
  • Prepare for Questions Others Don’t
    Be prepared for that off-beat question you may get asked, particularly for a high-level position, as the company will likely want to test your thought process.
  • Keep Your Cool When Things go South
    If you stumble, use it as an opportunity to show how you can quickly recover and move forward.
  • Get to Know Your Interviewer Before the Interview
    This is a fundamental piece of interviewing that holds value in any situation. Finding a commonality with your interviewer makes you stand out in their mind even after the interview closes.
  • Emphasize Your Cultural Fit
    Qualifications matter, but beyond that, employers are looking to see if your beliefs and values align with the companies’.
  • Use Enthusiastic Vocabulary
    Using words that represent an enthusiastic personality will say a lot about the kind of person you are.

Post Interview

  • Finish Strong
    When the interviewer asks if you have any other questions, that is an indicator that the interview is wrapping up and it’s your cue to give it your best shot. Ask questions and add personal stories that may be relevant.
  • Thank the Interviewer
    This is another standard piece of interviewing etiquette that is essential. Be grateful that they brought you in and took the time to speak to you.
  • Follow Up
    Email a thank you note within an hour of leaving the interview.  Then follow up in three days, and then a week until you get a solid “yes” or “no”.
  • Keep in Touch and Add More Value
    Send an email with links to relevant news from around the web. Every employer wants to be caught up on the latest trends and news for their industry, but few have the time to curate the web looking for that information.
  • Learn to Negotiate
    Negotiating the offer is a way to show that you are a high-performer and that you are in demand.
  • Close the Loop
    Thank anyone involved in getting you an interview. Take them out to coffee or lunch, even if you did not accept their offer. This will leave a lasting impression and build your network, which you may need to call upon in the future.