Interview Tips

The Cliff Notes: 7 Interview Tips
Author: Sara White

Ready to nail that interview and land that dream job? In a recent article from The Balance, author Allison Doyle provides some excellent tips on how to get hired. We’ve condensed the main points for you to give you a quick reference guide.

  1. Practice and Prepare
    Review standard interview questions, the job description, and listen and answer carefully.
  2. Develop a Connection With the Interviewer
    Know the name of the person you are interviewing with and look for a personal connection if one exists.
  3. Research the Company and Show What You Know
    Take time to research the company mission, history, values and culture. Social media is a great tool for digging deeper into the company culture.
  4. Get Ready Ahead of Time
    Have an outfit picked out ahead of time that is neat and professional. Have copies of your resume printed and nice portfolio put together and ready to go.
  5. Be On time (That Means Early)
    Plan your route, taking traffic into account, and be sure to arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes early.
  6. Try to Stay Calm
    Proper preparation will allow you to relax and be confident in your answers.  Use active listening, maintain eye contact, and do not cut off the interviewer.
  7. Follow-Up After the Interview
    Within 24 hours of your interview, follow-up with a thank you note, recalling details from the interview and reiterating your interest in the job.
    These points will help ensure that your interview will be a success and you will be a contender in the applicant pool.
    Remember to be yourself.  If you are called in for an interview, there is already a reason you are there.

Good luck out there!